Real estate development projects management

Finding a suitable property, creating a business plan, profitability calculations and financial forecasting, identifying the conditions for joining the technical communications, conducting design project management, representing the customer in the design process, estimating construction costs, organizing and conducting construction procurement, acting as the client’s representative in the construction process, and the preparation of real estate management.

Real estate management

Managing an existing real estate, representing the owner, managing rental flow, valuing property, organizing real estate care and maintenance.

Consulting and management services

Advice on transactions, market analysis, preparation and implementation of a business plan, consultations related to the realization of assets, purchase, sale, development and business changes. Pre-purchase/pre-sale preparation of the company or real estate, carrying out the transaction. Intermediate management, implementation of changes, management of the company.

Project management

Carrying out the planning and design stages as a representative of the customer, preparation and implementation of a business plan, representation of the client in all the necessary activities, organization of the sale or lease of the development project, involvement of the architects and construction contractors, if necessary, general contractor services, management of the existing real estate portfolio, valuing the property, conducting various business and real estate operations.

About Us

TBS Estonia Ltd. offers you all your required management and real estate services, including all real estate development stages from the project’s initial assignment and profitability analysis, the design and construction process management to after-delivery management.

The company has been operating since 2004. We have been involved in many ways in various real estate projects. Among others – development and management of the production complex in Silkaltsiidi 7 in Tallinn and elaboration of the development concept of the Baltic Station Market; more than 1500 developed and realized apartments by various projects in Tallinn and Riga; participation in the preparation and purchase and sale transactions of three real estate management companies; creation of a development plan of the Tallinn University of Technology and reorganizing its business unit; service and real estate companies management, real estate development and project management for major groups (YIT, NCC).


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